Cross River Heritage Center Wills & Trusts

Here are some thoughts on estate planning; some ideas and strategies that will both make life better for those who carry on and help you leave behind your own personal legacy. What goals and objectives would you like your estate plan to accomplish? Most people might say:

  • I want to provide fully for the economic security of my surviving spouse (if one is married);
  • I want to ensure that family members or others who depend on me financially are properly taken care of;
  • I want to minimize any disappointment or family conflict that arise from the distribution of my estate;
  • I want to keep "death taxes" and probate costs to an absolute minimum;
  • I want to leave the world a better place, and pass on what I have learned to the next generation.
Some people also have special situations that need to be addressed, such as the transition of a family business, or arranging for the care of beloved pets. And many would be pleased if the above objectives could be accomplished with a plan that culminates in support for their church, a charity that is meaningful to them, or even the Schroeder Area Historical Society.

For Additional Information to Setup a Trust to The Schroeder Historical Society contact Cross River Heritage Center  (218) 663-7706

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