Cross River Heritage Center History Rooms

A visit to the Cross River Heritage Center is an opportunity to experience the history of this area of Lake Superior’s North Shore.  Some of the historical features of the former Stickney Inn and General Store on U.S. 61 were kept in place when the building was renovated.  An example of this can be seen in the “Fireside” room which boasts the original stone fireplace and hardwood flooring of the Inn.  
Rooms have been renovated in the Cross River Heritage Center to tell the story of the building and the area.  One such room was restored to reflect an original room at the Stickney Inn during the early 1930’s.  The time-damaged wall paper was removed and replaced with an exact reproduction.  You’ll find pictures of the innkeeper, Horace Stickney, and his wife Nell on one wall.  On the facing wall a bit of the original wallpaper remains.  On it is a faint handprint, rumored to belong to the ghost of Fannie, Nell’s mother. 
The most recently recreated room in the building is the Edwin Lundie Room.  This room has been constructed to represent a cabin designed by the renowned Minnesota architect.  Lundie designed several structures on the North Shore.  With its timber framing, Lundie enthusiasts will easily be able to imagine they are stepping back in time when they enter this room.  The outside wall features an authentic window from a Lundie Cabin as well as a carved post replicating the work of Edwin Lundie.

Funds for the Edwin Lundie Room were provided by the North Shore Federal Credit Union

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