Cross River Heritage Center History Displays

The Taconite Harbor loading dock could accommodate two ships at the same time alongside its concrete face, and load ships faster than any of the state's other ore docks in Duluth, Two Harbors and Silver Bay and in Superior and Ashland, Wisconsin.

The 2017 Cross River Heritage Center Main Exhibit is Boom Town to Ghost Town: Taconite Harbor.

Boom Town:the story of Taconite Harbor: In the early 1950's rumors swirled rapidly around Schroeder, Tofte and Lutsen that a mining company was going to build a dock and a power plant at Two Island.  Excited residents dreamed of well-paying, stable jobs and increased economic opportunity.

In 1953 many hunbdreds of workers were needed to build the dock and power plant, turning Schroeder into a Boom Town.  Local resources were stretched to provide places for workers to live and eat, as well as schools, clinics and grocery stores.  Local men joined the construction crews.  Other local residents provided services to newly arrived workers.


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