Cross River Heritage Center Art

Sandi Pillsbury Gredzens  Plein Art Demonstration September 2, 2017

Sandi has some of her work displayed in the Cross River Heritage Center Gallery until October 21, 2017.  Here is an except from her artist statement:

My work reflects my love of nature and the environment. Whenever possible, I prefer to paint from direct observation, or "en plein air" (French for painting in the out of doors.") Often times I will do small "color studies" outdoors and then enlarge the image from the small color sketch, memories, or on occasion, photographs.  I paint with oil and/or alkyd (a synthetic oil that dries more quickly than regular oil) and will often paint and acrylic underpainting- a sketch- onthe larger canvases and paint oil over that. It is my intention in the creation of art to communicate a universal language, a sort of "praise" for the magnificance of creation, of nature.

Displays of fine art and craftwork by several local and regional artists can be enjoyed and purchased at the Cross River Heritage Center.

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