Cross River Heritage Center Building

The Cross River Heritage Center, located in Schroeder, Minnesota, on the North Shore of Lake Superior, is the museum to visit for local heritage, art, and culture. It hosts three floors of engaging historical exhibits, an art gallery, gift store, travel information, and an outdoor patio with hand-crafted benches and gardens. A new historical theme is featured each year on the ground floor, with popular permanent displays on the lower and upper floors. It has an elevator and disability-accessible restrooms. Admission is free and donations are encouraged.

Originally built as the Stickney Inn with Tudor architecture in 1929, it has become a landmark known as the Heart of Schroeder. Since its construction, it remains the only Tudor-style building in Cook County. Through the years it has been home to The Stickney Inn, a boarding house, restaurant, meat market, gas station, post office, and the Cross River General Store. Since 2002, is has operated as the Cross River Heritage Center; home of the Schroeder Area Historical Society.

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Cross River Heritage Center is closed for the season and reopens May 22, 2020.

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